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Le Minerale in a mutual commitment “The Rising Tide” supported by KLHK


LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar
LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar gave appreciation to Le Minerale’s Sustainability Director Ronald Atmadja (Source: Doc. KLHK)

Recycling industry:

  1. Improve waste collection infrastructure and recycling processes
  2. Support producers to implement Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR)
  3. Play an active role in educating the public/consumers to sort waste from home

Environmental activists:

  1. Participate actively in educating the public/consumers to sort waste from home
  2. Continue to initiate the Grassroots Movement that has a positive impact on the environment, by continuing The Rising Tide as an annual event, and “Triumph of Us” in 2025
  3. Support and become partners of the government and producers to reduce waste generation through various educational activities
  4. Support EPR with various activities to increase collection rate

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“As a producer, Le Minerale expresses its support and commitment to this movement. Since the beginning we have supported the Environment and Forestry Ministry’s mission to reduce waste generation. Therefore, in an integrated manner, we continue to drive the Circular Economy as part of the ERP which is now being intensified by the government. And we have also started to focus on upsizing and conducting various education about sorting waste from home,” concluded Ronald.


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