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KSP: Arrest of cooking oil mafia suspects not a political gimmick


Jakarta, IO – Office of Presidential Staff (KSP) expert staff Ade Irfan Pulungan said arrest of cooking oil cartel suspect by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is not political gimmick by the government to appease public anger, in response to comment by Gelora Party chairman Anis Matta.

“The government is currently conducting an investigation and a serious study on the severe shortage of cooking oil supply,” said Ade on Friday (22/4).

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Ade said the cooking oil mafia deserves to be prosecuted because the scarcity of cooking oil has inflicted pain on many people.

“There is indication that the situation is exploited by a number of unscrupulous players for personal gain. People must not be allowed to gain at the expense of others,” he said.


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