Governor Khofifah showcases PK-1 pineapple and other superior East Java food products to Defense Minister Prabowo

Khofifah - Prabowo Subianto
East Java Governor Khoffah Indar Parawansa receiving a visit from the Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto, on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H, at the Grahadi State Building, Tuesday (5/3/2022). (JATIMPROV.GO.ID)

According to Khoffah, the PK-1 pineapple from the slope of Kelud Mountain tastes extraordinarily sweet. “Even if you thin-slice, it will taste more delicious. It’s very easy, Mr. Prabowo. Pick and peel the pineapple; it is not as complicated as the regular ones, and it almost tastes like melon, sweet and fresh,” said Khofifah confidently while peeling the pineapple. 

Furthermore, Governor Khofifah emphasized that East Java strongly commits its efforts to achieve food security and sovereignty to the Minister of Defense Prabowo, whom President Jokowi also appointed to be in charge of the Food Estate project and the National Food Barn. 

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“We continue to innovate in all sectors, especially agriculture and plantations. We also support the development of superior local varieties to produce high-quality food products. We are putting our best efforts into creating food security,” the Governor explained. 

Apart from Pineapple PK-1, Governor Khofifah also exhibited the process of turning Konjac into rice. Both the Provincial and Central Governments seriously work on developing Konjac (or Porang in the Indonesian language) as an agricultural commodity. East Java holds the largest production of the national Konjac. In Madiun, East Java, the Konjac production set can reach 15- 20 tons per hectare in 8 months. 

On the same occasion, Khofifah conveyed the Government’s success in handling the COVID-19 and reviving East Java’s economic growth, which is now moving forward. She commended the synergy and cooperation of all regents/mayors, the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda), community leaders, religious leaders, academics, and communities in East Java.