Governor Khofifah showcases PK-1 pineapple and other superior East Java food products to Defense Minister Prabowo

Khofifah - Prabowo Subianto
East Java Governor Khoffah Indar Parawansa receiving a visit from the Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto, on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H, at the Grahadi State Building, Tuesday (5/3/2022). (JATIMPROV.GO.ID)

The MSMEs in East Java continue to grow and emerge following the pandemic hit. The East Java Provincial Government is renowned for making various efforts to push and support the economy of MSMEs. Visible results show the increasing number of MSMEs in East Java, rising to 57.81 percent. 

The East Java Provincial Government is currently collaborating with the East Java National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) and East Java BUMD in distributing productive Zakat (Zakat is a form of almsgiving, often collected by the Muslims and considered a religious obligation) for micro-enterprises in various East Java regions. In order to facilitate the lives of the community during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government hands over Zakat in cash worth IDR 500,000 to each business. “Although it is a relatively small amount of money, if God wills, the productive zakat assistance can be utilized effectively and set the small sellers free from the snares of moneylenders,” detailed Khofifah. 

Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto praised Governor Khoffah’s work in boosting the people’s economy, her efforts to create food security, and her concern for the community. 

“Thank you. Tonight, I have the honor of being accepted by Mrs. Khofifah. I happened to be in East Java, greeting important Eastern Javanese figures here during the Eid and visiting my old friends. Of course, I felt the need to visit and meet the Governor. Mrs. Khofifah received my visit very well,” complimented Minister Prabowo. 

The Minister of Defense conveyed that he had paid attention to Governor Khofifah’s footsteps and her career in building the nation. “Indeed, I have noticed her footsteps from the beginning, her dedication, her concern for the people and society, and the development of the nation. I am grateful to learn more from her. She told me more about her ways of encouraging the people’s economy, growing agriculture and food self-sufficiency,” concluded Defense Minister Prabowo. (eka)