Electric bill six months unpaid, LRT Palembang lights shut off

Streets lights along the Light Rail Trainset (LRT) Palembang route are blacked out due to unpaid arrears. (photo: ANTARA)

IO, Palembang – Streets lights along the Light Rail Trainset (LRT) Palembang route are blacked out. PLN – Indonesia’s public electricity company, stated that electricity to the lights was cut as a result of six months of unpaid fees.

“We want to convey that we were forced to black out the LRT street lights. This is because of six months of unpaid arrears,” said UP3 Area Palembang manager Nanang.

Nanang stated that the electricity was turned off three days ago. Even until now, her party has not received a definite answer regarding the unpaid dues. “To date, it is still unclear who is responsible, whether it is Waskita or the city government; we also hope there will soon be an explanation,” she said.

According to Nanang, PLN has contacted various parties regarding the unpaid dues, such as Waskita, who is in charge of the LRT project alongside the Palembang government. “We communicate every month, and six months ago Waskita was the one who paid. However, if this is worked out, we will certainly turn power back on,” said Nanang.

Street lights along Jalan Kolonel H. Burlian could be seen to have been blacked out on Monday night, June 1, 2019. None of the lights were turned on except for in the Palembang LRT station.

As a result of the blackout, drivers are forced to be extra careful while crossing the roads next to the LRT route, especially as the roads along the LRT route are riddled with potholes. (dsy)