Bring to life the “Prohibition Era”, a classic ambiance and style of mid-America in the 1920s

Behind Prohibition writing in the bar, that’s the secret door that is used by servants to be able to hide a row of alcoholic drinks that can open and close instantly. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – In order to support the lifestyle of urban communities, there are now many restaurants, cafés and bars in Jakarta that prioritize a comfortable atmosphere and their special identity as a unique aspect. One of them is The Prohibition, now in Jakarta, The Prohibition is a bar that opened in 2015 and is located in Arcadia, Senayan, South Jakarta. The Prohibition was adopted from a time when the United States banned the sale, production and import of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933, a period known by the same name. The prohibition contained in the 18th Amendment to the Constitution took place after campaigns by Protestant activists.

At that time Al Capone, the legendary mafia boss appeared, one of a series of illegal activities to circulate alcohol. Their concept is indeed strong, the impression of cats and cats feels thick there. The list of liquor they serve in books that resemble LPs, while for the wine selection menu they are disguised in the form of a postcard.

If you stop by the outside of The Prohibition, it is a classy restaurant, called Chop House, this section is open and does not need a secret door, waiters can hide a row of alcoholic drinks in their display cabinets in minutes. Once inside, the place characterizes a classy atmosphere with the use of layered leather chairs, and a crowd of neat-looking people who often visit places for drinks after work. 

Just wait when there is a waiter – complete with a pet hat like a newspaper and suspender delivery – squealing, “Police!”. The hydraulic system in their display cabinet immediately works, rotates, and covers the available liquor with a plain wall labeled “Prohibition”. Everything is completely hidden according to the initial concept they use.

They also followed Al Capone’s alcoholic method of hiding their favorite drink. Gin, for example, is poured in a bathtub, while rum is in a wooden barrel. Prohibition presents its miniature through Bathtub Gin and Rhum Runner, which can be enjoyed for four at a price of Rp. 340 thousand.

Prohibition, of course, also has a menu for individuals. They serve 1920s cocktails, such as Whiskey Sour whiskey with maple syrup and Old Fashioned raspberries, whiskey with slices of orange peel and a mixture of alcohol placed on ice cubes. To fill the stomach, they provide a choice of main courses with a menu of steaks as a mainstay. There is also a choice of snacks, from Stuffed Mussels, which are grilled green mussels with melted parmesan cheese; up to Lobster Roll, bread with lobster salad. However, eating heavily can only be enjoyed in the restaurant section, it cannot be brought into the Speakeasy.

To be part of the “Al Capone family”, there must be a deposit of Rp 50 million per year. In addition to hidden access to Speak Easy, the fee includes a locker and a series of drinks which are of course alcoholic. Already many people registered at the exclusive bar are both businessmen, expatriates, and state officials. Without being a member, access for you is only limited to restaurants. 

The Prohibition is not the most affordable place you have ever visited, but this place is able to summarize your rare experience for a hangout at the Speakeasy bar. With regular live jazz shows and thematic events held every week, Prohibition will no doubt be the most talked about clandestine bar in the city. (Aldo)