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Marciano Norman Voted as Central KONI Chairman


IO – Retired Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Lieutenant General Marciano Norman has been chosen as the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Chairman for the 2019-2024 period. Marciano will replace Tono Suratman. Marciano was chosen via acclamation in a National Sports Conference in Sultan Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday, July 2.

He was the only candidate remaining after another prospective candidate, Muddai Maddang, was deemed to have not fulfilled requirements with supporting votes.

The conference had momentarily become chaotic and was peppered with walk-outs by several participants during discussions of code of conduct.

Marciano, former Head of the Indonesian Intelligence Agency (BIN), had previously held the position of Chairman of the Indonesian Taekwondo Executive Board for two periods, Head of the West Kalimantan Indonesian Karate-do Institute (INKAI), and a counselor to the Indonesian Horse-Riding Association (Pordasi).

“My main priority is to organize communication between all stakeholders in sports such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, KOI (Indonesian Olympic Committee), and sports branches heads,” said Marciano during discussions with journalists in the Press Council Building as quoted by Antara.

“Give me time to immediately [form] with this formation. North Sumatra KONI’s formation and one leader from Indonesian handball have been chosen. The three of us will immediately start to consolidate and create the organization,” said Marciano after being chosen.

“Every time there is a change in an organization’s leadership, (they) are given a chance to restructure the organization. We also cannot change the leadership of all KONI members. There are several positions which we must maintain so that our rhythm isn’t disturbed in reaching our targets.”

“I will make adjustments to the expectations of the organization that I have set up to be able to face challenges and answer people’s wishes about Indonesia’s sports achievements.”

Concerning the funding of Central KONI, Marciano stated, “Of course we have to find a solution. Give me time; I will finish it. That must be my priority to solve it. Please monitor me; please criticize me when I can’t finish it.” (rp)


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