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Ed Sheeran successfully rocks Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – Ed Sheeran successfully rocked the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) on March 2, 2024. The concert was Sheeran’s comeback after five years and a social media hiatus. 

Sheeran’s 2024 + – = ÷ x (Mathematics) Tour successfully entertained and fulfilled his fans’ longing for his presence in Indonesia. Started the concert with “Tides and Blows,” – and the audience immediately responded to Sheeran’s performance with loud cheers and hysterical shouts at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). 

Sheeran expressed his gratitude to all of his fans for making the effort to attend his show, as evidenced by the overflowing audience at JIS. “It’s a fun night. I just want to say that I don’t take this for granted. I’m far from home right now,” said Sheeran. 

He went on to praise his fans for being with him at his concert: “I really appreciate that you come here tonight; I know that you can do anything else on a Saturday night, and you chose to spend your Saturday night here with me, singing these songs.” 

Sheeran’s fans have shown their enthusiasm for this year’s concert, as seen by his fast-selling concert tickets and fully booked concert venue. 

The ambiance started to heat up when Sheeran set the mood right on the 360 stage all by himself. “Are you having fun? Finally, I’m back here after 5 years,” said Ed Sheeran. 

Ed Sheeran seemed very happy to be reunited with his Indonesian fans and circled every side of the stage, allowing his fans to see him from various angles. 

Sheeran appeared ft during the whole concert and only took a few sips of water during each break between songs. He performed his fast-beat tracks and romantic, mellow songs with ease. 

Ed Sheeran continued singing several of his popular songs, from “I’m a Mess,” “Shivers,” “The A Team,” “Castle on the Hill,” “Eyes Closed,” “Give Me Love,” to “Beautiful People.” He also took the chance to sing a song that he wrote for Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself.” “You know I really enjoy writing songs, but this one went to fame by another singer,” he said. 

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Sheeran also sang several of his other hits that his Indonesian fans are crazy about: “Thinking Out Loud,” “Photograph,” “Perfect,” “Happier,” and “Shape of You.” He closed his performance by singing “Bad Habits.” 

At least 28 songs were performed by Ed Sheeran, with some of them as part of a medley. Sheeran’s voice remained stable without any sign of hoarseness or off-keyness. Ed Sheeran has once again satiated his Indonesian fans. “I have traveled to many places in the world. But I feel Jakarta is the best place for me to return to,” he concluded. (des)


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