Tuesday, October 3, 2023 | 20:49 WIB

Chrisye Live by Erwin Gutawa


Jakarta, IO – “CHRISYE Live by ERWIN GUTAWA” will be a musical concert that brings together two important elements in one performance: an elegant and legendary venue and an unusual concept of a concert bound together as a most memorable event. 

The Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center has so far become the best asset and venue for musical concerts, exhibitions and national or international events. The Balai Sidang JCC offers optimal facilities to hold conferences, performances, corporate and state meetings and exhibitions. The Jakarta Convention Center is a perfect place to hold spectacular musical performances. 

The Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) has undergone countless renovations and improvements to meet needs and demands. The JCC will celebrate its 30th anniversary, being the best in the business, by presenting a most epic and classical musical concert: “CHRISYE Live by ERWIN GUTAWA”. The Jakarta Convention Center shares a lot of historical and memorable experiences with the late legendary singer Chrisye and musician Erwin Gutawa in the past. Therefore, the concert “CHRISYE Live by ERWIN GUTAWA” will commemorate 30 years of the JCC’s successful operation and pay tribute to the legends. The celebration also serves as a token of appreciation for the communities who treasure all kinds of works of art. The musical performance is expected to represent a positive value for the Jakarta Convention Center. 


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