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TIDAR strategize to draw young voters to
champion Prabowo in 2024


Jakarta, IO – Tunas Indonesia Raya (TIDAR) reaffirms its support for the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) General Chairman Prabowo Subianto as President in 2024. TIDAR is a youth wing of Gerindra, and it has formulated several strategies to draw young voters, from Millennials to Gen Z. “We humbly asked Chairman Prabowo to lead Indonesia in 2024. We have declared this at Gerindra’s National Meeting,” said Rahayu Saraswati Djojohadikusumo, TIDAR Chairwoman and Gerindra Deputy Chairwoman, in Jakarta, Monday (Sep. 12). 

Saraswati said TIDAR is confident of securing young voters’ support. It will promote Chairman Prabowo’s commitment and determination to prioritize the state and people’s interests above personal and group interests. An exemplary role model, indeed, said Saraswati. “He walks the walk. No matter how hard he falls, he always gets back up. Persistently.” 

She admitted that, at first, she was pessimistic about securing Millennial and Gen Z votes, particularly because young voters seem indifferent towards politics. However, after meeting TIDAR representatives in 32 provinces, she is confident that young voters are not apathetic. They are merely frustrated because, despite their large number, they are only seen as political objects and have no idea how to express their aspirations. “We want to emphasize that young people are not political objects, not the target of votes, but they are the subjects. TIDAR shows that young people are more than mere spectators. They are part of solution providers and contributors. Hopefully, having that mindset can attract more young people,” she said. 

Saraswati added that TIDAR gives the young people an opportunity to express their aspirations, particularly to Parliamentary members. 


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