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Celebrating the 28th Anniversary of Uzbekistan Independence


IO – 28 years ago today, on August 31, 1991, President of the Uzbek SSR Islam Karimov declared Uzbekistan independent from the unraveling USSR. Following this declaration, on the same day, the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution on the declaration of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a law on the State Independence of Uzbekistan. Once the law was signed by Karimov, the Uzbek SSR was renamed the “Republic of Uzbekistan”.

To celebrate the Independence Day of Uzbekistan, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Indonesia held many events, one of which was the “Uzbek cuisine” master class with Chef Bahriddin Chustiy “which was held on Saturday, August 31, 2019 at the Modena Experience Center-Satrio. The organizer was Ms. Gulchekra Rozukulova, the spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The event that was designed to invite participants to enjoy a trip to Uzbekistan’s art and cuisine invited the famous Uzbek chef Mr. Ms. Bahriddin Chustiy and classical music singer and opera Ms. Milena Madmusaeva, who is very popular not only in Uzbekistan. At the event, which was attended by guests from other embassies and Uzbeks living in Indonesia, Chef Bahriddin not only revealed the secret to making special dishes of Uzbekistan, but also invited them to actively involved in cooking these delicacies.

After the ‘Master Class’, the guests enjoyed some of Uzbekistan’s signature dishes prepared by Chef Bahriddin. While enjoying lunch, they were entertained with classical music and opera as well as traditional Uzbek dances. There were also typical fruits of Uzbekistan, such as sweet grapes, honeydew melons, watery watermelons, and Anjeer, known as Paradise fruit, along with many other fruits.

Uzbekistan is currently the Central Asia’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables. Over 70,000 farms across the country specialize in growing ‘sunny’ fruits and vegetables, introducing integrated water resource management, up-to-date processing of mini-technologies, automated control and quality management systems.

Historically, Uzbekistan plays an important role in the development of Islamic culture and science, and it has thousands of historical and Islamic monuments. As always revealed by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the treasures belong not only to Uzbekistan, but also to all mankind; thus, the people of Uzbekistan invite foreign tourists to visit the places, the government has adopted new regulations of eliminating visas for 65 countries, including for Indonesian tourists. Moreover, starting in May of this year, there has been a direct flight from Jakarta to Tashkent. (Rimar)


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