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Embassy of the Russian Federation: Celebrating Russian Armed Forces Day


IO – The Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta celebrated the Russian Armed Forces Day on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at Borobudur Hotel Jakarta. This festive and solemn celebration began with the national anthem of the two countries, Indonesia and Russia, and was attended by invited guests consisting of ambassadors and Defense Attachés from friendly countries, Russian citizens living in Indonesia, and the Representatives of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense.

In his opening remarks, the Military, Air, and Naval Attaché to the Embassy of the Russian Federation Captain (Navy) Sergey Zhevnovatyy said that the celebration is more than just the Russian Armed Forces day; it is a Defender of the Fatherland Day, and it is celebrated on 23 February to honor all people who have served in the Russian Armed Forces, especially to honor those who have passed away defending the motherland of Russia. Russians started celebrating it in the year 1918, more than 100 years ago. However, the celebration is also intended to express appreciation of the present and future generations who are ready to defend the motherland.

He also mentioned that the history of the Armed Forces of Russia seems like the history of Russia which is written over thousands of years decorated with many dramatical moments and many moments of glory and victory. This celebration is also intended to strengthen military diplomatic calls, to establish and strengthen diplomatic relations, not only with Indonesia, but also with many other countries.

Russian Ambassador to Indonesia HE Ms. Lyudmila Vorobieva in her opening speech congratulated the celebration, while expressing the importance of continuing to revivify the spirit of defending the homeland. On that occasion, Ms. Vorobieva also invited to the honorary stage of a woman named Marina Fedortsova who was considered to have made an extraordinary achievement, strengthening Russian and Indonesian relations. The Ambassador then handed her a certificate of appreciation from the Russian government with her highest thanks and appreciation for all that had been done which was very supportive for the good relations between Russia and Indonesia.

Marina Fedortsova, a Moscow-born woman with children, was present at the celebration with her husband Valery Fedortsova; she is the founder of the Immortal Regiment in Indonesia. The organization was formed by those who intend to honor the services and sacrifice of their relatives who died in defense of their homeland in World War II. Marina’s grandfather fought on the battlefield of World War II, and she was eager to honor the services of her grandfather and all those who had fought to defend their country. She is also an organizer for the International Donor Day of the two countries Indonesia – Russia which will hold blood drives, joined by Russian diaspora in Indonesia and Indonesian citizens including members of the Indonesian-Russian Friendship Association. (ohw)


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