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European Union Embassy: ‘Today for Our Tomorrow’


IO – Climate change is an urgent problem that has become the world’s main concern, and its an­ticipation cannot be delayed any­more.

As part of efforts to continue to raise awareness and invite more participation in taking concrete action to prevent climate change, the European Union globally an­nually holds Climate Diplomacy Week (CDW). In Indonesia, the 2019 CDW was carried out on 23 September to 6 October 2019. In the Climate Diplomacy Week, the European Union collaborates with various parties including non-profit organizations, communities engage in the environment and climate change, the private sector, civil society organizations, influenc­ers, opinion leaders and celebrity groups.

One collaboration is carried out by the European Union Delegation for Indonesia with a Yogyakar­ta-based band, The Rain, through a song called “Today for Our Tomor­row” which was officially released digitally today, March 9, 2020. The Rain’s lead singer, Indra Prasta said, “ Today for Our Tomorrow was created specifically for the mis­sion of anticipating climate change, containing a very evocative mes­sage, and was released to coincide with the National Music Day so that the meaning is enormous. We hope this song will be a reminder song about the climate crisis which not only threatens our future genera­tions of children and grandchildren, but it is clearly felt by the current generation.” Before being recorded, this song was first performed on stage during the closing of the Cli­mate Diplomacy Week.

This noble mission continues to be strengthened, in which The Rain collaborates with Rekam Nusantara Foundation and the Ciliwung Caring Community. All profits from this song will be used by Rekam Nusantara Foundation for educational activities and mak­ing documentary videos related to the environment. While the profits from selling merchandise will be used to procure safety equipment (safety vests and helmets, rubber shoes, rubber gloves, etc.) to sup­port the work of the Ciliwung Care Community friends. (OHW)


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