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The Embassy of Italy: Conversation and valorization of cultural heritage: The Italian model


IO, Jakarta – The Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta organized a one-day seminar on “Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage, the Italian Model” in Seminar room, National Gallery of Indonesia, on Wednesday, 19 February 2020.

Last year, they held a series of events to celebrate 70 years of bilateral relations between Italy and Indonesia, enhancing the intensity and quality of the cooperation between the two countries in various areas, including the cultural one, in which they developed these years’ excellent collaboration in supporting training in multiple fields and joint archaeological missions.

As a continuation of the cultural collaboration, they inaugurated on the 5th of February 2020 the Leonardo Opera Omnia exhibition at the Mandiri Museum: 17 reproductions that, thanks to sophisticated digital techniques, allow the public to enjoy the entire pictorial work of Leonardo gathered in one single space. The exhibition is an opportunity not only to admire the beauty and harmony of these works, but also to reflect on the importance that cultural assets have for a country, its people, humanity and, thus, the need they have for protection, care, and valorization.

In this context, they organized a seminar dedicated to the “Conservation and Valorization of Heritage, the Italian model”, precisely to highlight how fundamental are the protection and valorization of cultural heritages for preserving the memory of a national community and its territory, and to promote the development of culture. The culture becomes a potential resource when supported by sustainable development, economy, social inclusion, and ecological balance.

On the occasion, the Italian Embassy invited several speakers who are experts in the fields of art, restoration and conservation: Mr. Mr. Riccardo Balbo (the Dean from Instituto Europeo in Design), Mr. Marco Riccomini (Art Historian specializing in antique drawings and paintings), Mr. Roberto Bello (from CTS), and Mr. Antonio Rava, Art Restorer. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Michaela Anselmini (Art Restorer), Mr. Rizki Zaelani, and Mr. Saydikdikumullah Dikdik (from ITB Bandung).

On his opening speech, H.E. Mr. Vittorio Sandalli, the Ambassador of Italy to Indonesia, said the seminar was intended to celebrate 70 years of Indonesia-Italy diplomatic relations, and the theme of the 70th anniversary of Indonesia-Italy diplomatic relations was a combination of artistic, cultural and scientific values. He also said in his remarks that this was done not only to preserve memories, but also to broaden horizons from national history.

He said, “Italy will exchange knowledge with Indonesia today, which may also be applicable in Indonesia, and I look forward to working with the two countries on future projects,” Another aim is to develop extraordinary collaboration in supporting training in various fields and archaeological mission with Indonesia.

Meanwhile Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta Director Maria Battaglia, speaking to the Independent Observer, emphasized the importance of this one-day seminar on conservation and valorization of cultural heritage, so that the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta can share what they have done in order to conserve and Valorize their cultural heritage. Italy is famous for the largest cultural heritage in the world with its 51 sites recognized by the UNESCO, over 3,400 museums, around 2,100 archaeological areas and parks.

Furthermore, Ms. Battaglia said that Leonardo’s works have been the subject of studies and interventions for their conservation over the years, such as The Last Supper, whose restoration lasted for 22 years from 1977 to 1999; The Adoration of the Magi, which became visible again in 2017 after a lasting restoration of four and a half years, conducted by the Optional delle Pietre Dure in Florence. (ohw)


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