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“Calon Lawan”, a play about behind-the-scene power struggle


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia Kita staged its 40th play titled “Calon Lawan” (potential rival) at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, on October 20-21.

According to its writer and artistic director Agus Noor, this play is a “warm up” or prelude to the presidential election in 2024. The story is about behind-the-scene power struggle and succession intriques.

“Fighting between two equally strong groups ensued. Many times there were fights between these two groups involving the best heroes they both had. When the situation became increasingly tense, several mysterious incidents emerged, which made each side suspicious of the other. There are  some attacks, however it is impossible to know who did it. This situation prompted the emergence of allegations that there was a mysterious hero, an invisible figure, who moved faster than the shadows, with unrivaled power. A hero who has the ability to kill faster than the angel of death. As an opponent, this figure seems invisible, but has great strength,” explained Agus.

Cak Lontong and Akbar

Indonesia Kita always brings a touch of culture in every performance. This time Agus chose wushu martial arts to create a nuance of competition and fighting between opponents who are in the midst of a power struggle. This story will remind the audience of silat and martial art stories. However, on the other hand, the audience is invited to realize that struggles between groups which then unite also appear on the political stage.

“The candidates previously seemed opposing and hostile, even to the point of giving rise to feuds within between his supporters, in the end they ended up in the same camp. What previously seemed to be in opposition has become mutually supportive,” said Agus.

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He also ensured that the Indonesia Kita’s plays would always try to act as a reflection of what was happening in this country. Culturally, we try to remind, especially the representatives of the people not to forget and abandon their promises to the voters.

“We hope that the play can invite the audience to welcome the upcoming election celebration with calm and happy manner and of course remaining united in differences of choice and opinion. There is no need for us to create horizontal conflict because we never know what will happen on the real political stage later. Let us continue to be united in our diversity,” said Agus. (rr)


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