“Basundari, Kala di Wedari”, Ayu Dyah Andari’s
noble collaboration with Batik Trusmi

Sally Giovani and Ayu Dyah Andari
Sally Giovani and Ayu Dyah Andari. (Source: THE MUARA BAGDJA TEAM)

Jakarta, IO – Who would have expected that Ayu Dyah Andari’s friendship with Sally Giovani would end up generating such a massive, imperial, dignified, beautiful fashion show? 

Sally Giovani, Batik Trusmi’s founder, has always been an admirer of the “Ayu Dyah Andari” fashion brand. When opportunity appeared, their casual introduction blossomed into friendship. Soon, these two fashion-loving femmes decided to collaborate. Plans were made and discussed. Fashion and showcasing experts were contacted. Ideas bloomed like dandelions gracing a wild field. 

Ayu Dyah Andari and Batik Trusmi’s well-thought-out plan was implemented in their collaborative show, “Basundari, Kala di Wedari”, presented on 30 September 2022 in the Ballroom of the Intercontinental Pondok Indah Hotel, Jakarta. It is a bright joint work forged between Batik Trusmi’s clear batik artistry, and Ayu Dyah Andari’s consistent creation of couture made for the public. 

“Basundari” is an ancient Javanese name of Mother Earth. She is a powerful Goddess who rules the land, the air, and the seas. “Land” is represented by the roses that always characterizes Ayu Dyah Andari’s work; “Air” is represented by the “lowering clouds” (mega mendung) motif in the Batik Trusmi textiles used on the runway, while the “Sea” is interpreted into Passion Jewelry’s special set “Gems of Khatulistiwa” for “Basundari” – earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and brooches. “Sri Wedari” is ancient Javanese for the Garden of Eden, which means that the collection name translates to “Mother Earth while Visiting Eden”. 

“As an Indonesian brand, Batik Trusmi has the responsibility of protecting batik as the nation’s identity. Cooperating with Ayu Dyah Andari is part of our effort to preserve batik. This collaboration generated amazing batik designs, ranging from casual to highly formal clothing,” Sally said during our interview. “Our Batik Trusmi produced more than 3,000 batik pieces just for the collection.”