Tuesday, November 28, 2023 | 22:27 WIB

Congratulations, Farwiza Farhan!


Jakarta, IO – TIME publishes the “TIME 100 Next” every year, a list in recognition of 100 rising stars across industries, around the world. The list acknowledges a number of emerging world leaders who are shaping the future and defining coming generations of leadership. One of the movement leaders featured by TIME 100 Next is Indonesian environmentalist Farwiza Farhan. 

The US magazine selected Farwiza, an Aceh-born female conservationist, for her contribution to the Mount Leuser ecosystem in Aceh. Quoting from a statement in TIME, “Maintaining the ecosystem amid industrial, development and hunters, Farwiza and her fellow activists has a pivotal duty. It is the work of other young people that will make a difference to our world.” 

How does Farwiza feel about this accomplishment? In her Instagram account, @wiiza, she stated, “First thing people asked me: How does it feel to be named as one of TIME 100 Next? Then, how does it feel to be on the cover of TIME?” 

“Surreal I guess. As a girl who grew up within the university compound, I see myself as someone who would chart an academic path and become a researcher. I was a hopeful nerd, one who imagined a life in a marine biology lab, not in front of the camera. I was an awkward introvert who feels at ease at home, in the forest, underwater – but have to learn to look at ease in public.” 


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