Amazing! Cleona Einar Maulidiva has 90 Math Olympiad medals under her belt

Cleona Einar Maulidiva
Cleona Einar Maulidiva. (Source: Instagram @cleonaeinarmaulidiva)

The principal of the school, Syamsul Hari, mentioned a number of achievements that Cleona has had, from the International Thailand Math Contest (ITMC) where she won two medals, Memory Champion and the American Mathematical Olympiad (AMO).

He also acknowledged her intelligence. That’s why the school granted her scholarship. Meanwhile, Cleona’s mother, Shinta Yustisia, said that she is the eldest of 2 siblings. Shinta said Cleona also has other hobbies in the non-academic field.

“Cleona likes playing piano and drums, she also likes cycling. She has been smart since kindergarten,” said Shinta.

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“When she was 3 years old, we realized that Cleona is left-handed. So, we put her in a music class and she is also very organized and likes to write about her dreams in a diary. She is also an avid reader.” (rr)