Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | 04:15 WIB

Amazing! Cleona Einar Maulidiva has 90 Math Olympiad medals under her belt


Jakarta, IO – Cleona Einar Maulidiva, a grade VII Madrasah Tsanawiyah student at the Bilingual Muslimat NU Pucang Sidoarjo managed to win 90 medals in domestic and international math competitions.

Cleona admitted that she has loved mathematics since she was young, because she likes the challenges which make here more curious to solve them, Detik reported on Wednesday (14/9).

“The first (win) is the international Olympics in Surabaya. At the beginning, it very difficult. But I still managed to solve the problems,” said Cleona.

Cleona said of the many competitions she has participated in, the most memorable one is the Pancasila Achievement Award from the Agency for Pancasila Ideology Education (BPIP).

“I was the youngest recipient from 75 others,” explained bespectacled girl.


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