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WIR Group and Santa Angela School Bandung launch an “educational metaverse”


Jakarta, IO – WIR Group (PT WIR ASIA Tbk), Southeast Asia’s leading immersive technology and web3 company focusing on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain, is collaborating with Santa Angela School Bandung through its subsidiary, Nusameta, to create Angelaverse, a metaverse designed to improve the facilities and enhance experiences of technology-based teaching and learning. This metaverse was launched at the same time as the 118th anniversary of Santa Angela School Bandung. 

Immersive and interactive learning environments are beneficial in the world of education by allowing students to explore historical events, conduct virtual experiments, and engage in real-time simulations. Immersive and interactive environments also offer a more engaging learning experience, enhancing student motivation, improving information retention, and honing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Integrating sophisticated AI systems into the metaverse enables more personalized teaching and learning activities for each student based on their needs, preferences, and learning styles, resulting in a more precise and effective education.

“The launch of Angelaverse is the school’s answer to the advancements and developments of difficult times, calling all educational institution management to be innovative in creating students of noble character,” said Sister Korina Ngoe, OSU, Third Chairperson of the Widya Bhakti Foundation. She posits that Nusameta has helped Santa Angela prepare instructors to generate learning content for use in schools. Sister Korina emphasizes how character development is fundamental to Santa Angela’s teaching and learning. 

Angelaverse provides an interactive learning space where students can fully engage with school content and enhance their learning experience. The elements of games in Angelaverse motivate learners to actively participate and remain engaged in learning. Furthermore, the integrated AI enables personified learning activities, customizing the educational experience based on students’ individual needs and preferences. These transformative features distinguish the Angelaverse and revolutionize the teaching and learning system at Santa Angela. 

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Chief Metaverse Officer of WIR Group and CEO of Nusameta Stephen Ng claims that Santa Angela is the first school to collaborate with Nusameta in building a metaverse for educational purposes. “This launch is in response to technology proliferation that may not be transformative. The metaverse, for Nusameta, is a transformative technology because students will experience an interactive learning space where they can enhance their learning through various technological innovations such as gamification and AI,” he expressed. 

Angelaverse is expected to develop Santa Angela students’ character development, by providing and developing students’ essential qualities such as perseverance, teamwork, and various other skills. Angelaverse’s virtual simulations require students to collaborate in solving complex problems, which will encourage them to understand the values of collaboration and teamwork. Moreover, Angelaverse creates scenarios presenting ethical dilemmas, allowing students to make decisions and reflect on the consequences of their actions, encouraging critical thinking and moral development. Angelaverse assists students in building important social values in addition to their academic knowledge, by including character development components in the immersive and interactive learning experience. (des)


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