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One clean step for thousands of smiles


Jakarta, IO – As vital social institutions that provide a suitable existence and living environment for children with parents and the elderly, orphanages and nursing homes require a clean and sanitary environment. SOS, an original Indonesian product and Tempo Scan’s key brand, aims to create a clean and healthy environment through “Satu Langkah Bersih untuk Ribuan Senyuman” (One Clean Step for Thousands of Smiles), a most recent #BaktiSOSial initiative, seeking to benefit hundreds of orphanages and nursing homes. 

The National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Alleviation (TNP2K), a 2022 collaboration between the Australian government and the SMERU Research Institute, found that the majority of nursing homes in Indonesia face inadequate funds, and rely primarily on self-funding. In 2014, the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) issued a report stating that only 38 percent of the nearly 3000 orphanages in the Jabodetabek area have adequate facilities, which includes sustainable sanitation that help to keep the orphanage clean. The risk of disease transmission can increase in places with poor sanitation and crowded environments, such as orphanages and nursing homes. 

Managing Director of Brand Investment and Consumer Engagement—Consumer, Cosmetics, and Health Care at SOS Winny Yunitawati explained that maintaining cleanliness is an essential step towards creating a healthy and comfortable environment. “The #BaktiSOSial CSR is in line with SOS’s commitment to protect families, homes, and the environment by promoting clean and healthy living habits, avoiding harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. Up to now, the CSR #BaktiSOSial program has successfully reached at least 200 orphanages and nursing homes spread across 20 cities in Indonesia, cleaning and distributing over 80,000 hygiene products in collaboration with the SOS team, the volunteer community network Dompet Dhuafa, and residents of the facilities,” explained Winny Yunitawati. 

Head of the Al-Abqo Ziyadah Orphanage in Depok Ahmad Riyaldi extended his gratitude and embraced the #BaktiSOSial program. “We are very grateful and fully support the SOS #BaktiSOSial initiative, because we understand how a clean environment supports children’s growth. Healthy and comfortable surroundings enable children to focus more on their studies. SOS products have been proven effective in killing harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria, while providing a long-lasting fragrance, thus helping to maintain health and offering added comfort to the residents of the orphanage. We hope that this activity can continue and reach more orphanages and nursing homes to create a clean and comfortable environment,” said Ahmad. 

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Ten families winning the 2023 SOS Squad digital competition have also joined the #BaktiSOSial program to add excitement. SOS Squad is an annual SOS campaign aimed at raising awareness and maintaining cleanliness, beginning with the smallest environment: the house and family. At the “Clean Home, Comfortable Family” program, the 2023 SOS Squad participants shared before-and-after photographs and videos of their cleaned and organized residences and their families on social media, where they used a variety of SOS products, including floor cleaners, hand soap, body wash, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, dishwashing soap, and wet wipes. 

“We expect the CSR #BaktiSOSial program and other annual SOS Squads to inspire more families and communities to maintain a healthier and cleaner environment. Keeping the environment clean becomes much easier as various SOS products are proven to effectively kill 99.9 percent of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria, and is dermatology-tested,” Winny concluded. (des/ast)


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