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VR Tourism wins 2nd place with scientific essays


IO, Surabaya – The Covid-19 pandemic requires everyone to carry  out  social  distancing  to break the chain of transmission, and  one  of  the  sectors  affected  is  tourism.  Departing  from these problems, two students of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) initiated the concept of tourism called “Virtual Reality (VR) Tourism”.

VR Tourism was initiated by Josua  Hasiholan  Munthe  and Muhammad Irvansyah who are members  of  the  Future  Boss Team,  guided  by  a  lecturer  at the  Department  of  Business Management, Satria Fadil Persada SKom MBA PhD. The ideas written in this essay won second place in the 2020 National Student  Competition  in  the  Field of  Business  Management  and Finance (KBMK), in the area of Scientific Essay Writing.

The  Chair  of  the  Future Boss  Team,  Josua,  revealed that  this  idea  emerged  following  the  decline  in  Indonesia’s economy in the tourism sector, due to the pandemic. “We propose  a  new  scenario  through virtual reality tourism with the main focus in the development of  historical  tourism  in  Surabaya,” said the 2018 Business Management  student,  in  a release  received  by  the  Independent Observer, Wednesday (14/10/2020).

Irvan,  Muhammad  Irvansyah’s  nickname,  explained that  VR  Tourism  is  a  safe, healthy, and cost-effective way for  people  who  want  to  travel during a pandemic. Many community  members  suffer  restlessness  as  a  result  of  having to  stay  at  home.  “So  this  is  to boost the economy in the tourism sector and psychologically help people who like historical tours in Surabaya,” he said. Before the idea for VR Tourism  emerged,  they  were  introduced  by  their  supervisor  to an ITS alumnus who developed this  system.  “After  seeing  the prototype,  with  information from  several  media  explaining community  unrest,  this  idea was  proposed  to  boost  the economy  in  the  tourism  sector,” explained Ivan.

Based  on  the  posters  used in  this  competition,  VR  Tourism  will  later  collaborate  with various  companies  or  with the  help  of  travel  influencers to  attract  public  interest.  The use of this tourism system will” “also be implemented using VR technology.

KBMK i s a competiti on organized  by  the  National Achievement Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Education  and  Culture  and  consists  of  six  categories.  In  the Scientific  Essay  Writing  Competition category, the five best essays were taken nationally.

Ivan   revealed   that   they could win 2nd place because of detailed market analysis and a clear  scenario  analysis.  Even though  there  was  an  internet connection problem when presenting  the  essay  in  the  final round  via  zoom,  Future  Boss Team  still  did  it  with  confidence.  “At  first  our  team  was insecure  because  the  posters and presentations were not as good  as  those  of  other  campuses,  but  we  remained  calm and optimistic,” said the 2018 batch  of  Industrial  Chemical Engineering student.

Ivan  hopes  that  his  team can  convince  the  government to implement this system in the world  of  tourism  in  Indonesia. The opportunities provided are likely to be of great help to those who work in the tourism sector. (est)


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