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UGM through the Bimasakti Team prepares cars for 2020


IO, Yogyakarta – Gajah Mada University (UGM) Bimasakti Pertamax Turbo Racing Team won many awards at the 2019 Student Formula Japan International Automotive Competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers at Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka, Japan, at the end of last August. A month later, this team has formed a new generation, namely generation 9, which will start preparing cars to compete in the 2020 competition.

“We are preparing better cars for 2020. Our targets include the Top 3 Overall Presentation, the Top 5 Skidpad Event, and Endurance Class A,” said Rezki Eriyando, chairman of the 9th Generation Milky Way Team, in a Friday release (4/10) / 2019).

He explained that researches would be continued by the Bimasakti Team to perfect the car which in recent years had received many awards. Research that has been carried out includes the Heat transfer experiment on radiators, the use of cascade front wings, Launch control & gear ignition cut.

In the future, research activities are focused on developing plenum geometry, restrictor geometry research, fatigue analysis research and life cycles from upright, exploring launch control and gear ignition cut, and starting pneumatic shifter research that will develop along the course of this 9th generation. 

“We ask for your support for the 2020 race, and would like to say that Indonesia has been able to compete and make student formula car technology in tune with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is being developed in Indonesia,” Rezki said.

Cahyo Wibi Yogiswara as Chief of Technical Division added the cars that were contested this year were still experiencing some obstacles that caused the endurance aspects to be less than optimal. Also, the hot temperature at the time of the race was also challenging.

“Yesterday in Japan was also very hot, reaching 40 degrees Celsius during the day, while the temperature in Indonesia was around 35 degrees. So, we have to change some settings on the machine,” Cahyo said.

I Gusti Bagus Budi, faculty advisor, stated that the faculties and university provide full support for the Bimasakti Team to continue. According to him, the competitions provided valuable experience for students and became an important learning tool in their preparation for jobs after college graduation.

“Activities like this are very positive and good for their portfolios. This activity is carried out across faculties and we are all very supportive,” he said. (*/est)


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