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ITS lecturers awarded as “2019 Academic Leaders”


IO, Surabaya – Three lecturers from the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) have achieved recognition in the 2019 Academic Leader Awards organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). The awards ceremony bestowing three titles took place in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2019).

Prof. Dr. Ketut Buda Artana ST MSc was named the first winner of the 2019 Academic Leader in the field of Maritime Sciences, for having developed the “ITS Automatic Identification System” (AIS ITS). “What is most important is how AIS ITS has been developed, improved, and successfully commercialized,” he announced in a press release received by the Independent Observer, Thursday (3/10/2019).

He added that successful commercialization of the product will potentially add value to it in the industry. AIS ITS has been in development for a long period, and was completed with the help of many laboratory assistants in ITS, the Science Technopark, and the Center for the Excellence of Science and Technology (PUI). “Therefore, I regard this award as having been bestowed on ITS, not on me personally,” he said.

The Academic Leader Awards are distributed in an annual event organized by Kemenristekdikti through the Directorate General of Higher Education Science and Technology Resources. There are three main categories where candidates are nominated, namely, “Academic Leader for Lecturers with Additional Tasks as Chancellor”, “Academic Leader for Lecturers with Additional Tasks as Head of Higher Education Service Institution” (LLDIKTI), and “Academic Leader for lecturers in various fields”. “Well, I was included in the lecturer category, out of the eight fields contested, namely ‘Maritime Sciences’,” explained this former Vice-Chancellor at ITS.

In addition to Ketut, another two ITS lecturers also received awards, namely, Prof. Dr. Ir Suprapto DEA as the Academic Leader winner in the category “Lecturer with Additional Assignments as the Head of LLDIKTI” and Prof. Dr. Drs Darminto MSc as the 2nd place winner for “Academic Leader in the field of Science”.

Currently, Prof. Suprapto, an ITS Chemical Engineering professor, is serving as Head of LLDIKTI VII, while Prof. Darminto, an ITS Physics professor, is the Secretary of the ITS Board of Trustees (MWA). “The awards for ITS lecturers are hoped to motivate us to further innovate,” said the professor of Shipping Systems Engineering. (*/ est)


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