Traces of Japan in “Sakura di Khatulistiwa”

Pameran Sakura di Khatulistiwa
Pengunjung melihat pameran Sakura di Khatulistiwa di Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi, Jakarta, Selasa, (16/8). (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

Jakarta, IO – It was sweltering day in Jakarta when visited the “Sakura di Khatulistiwa” (Sakura in the Equator) exhibition at the Museum of Proclamation Manuscript Formulation (Munasprok) held on the second floor. It presents the history of the interaction between the Japanese and Indonesian people (Nusantara) over several centuries.

It is not difficult to find the building that was once the residence of Admiral Tadashi Maeda, a Japanese naval officer. It is typical Dutch colonial building with a dominant white color and yellow windows and doors. It is quite striking compared to other buildings along Imam Bonjol St., Central Jakarta.

Pameran Sakura di Khatulistiwa
(IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

The exhibition is a collaboration between Munasprok and the Historia Indonesia community. It is scheduled to run August 9-September 10.

Separated into five galleries, each describes the presence of Japan in Indonesia over a certain period of time. They also show the relationship between Japan and Indonesia during the Japanese occupation, and the friendly ties between the two countries afterward.