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Traces of Japan in “Sakura di Khatulistiwa”


Pameran Sakura di Khatulistiwa
(IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

This is illustrated by archives such as Japanese-issued school diplomas and foreign national registration cards for Indonesian citizens of European or Asian descent. The gallery also displays the swords that were used by the Japanese military when they occupied Indonesia.

Next is “Between News and Suffering” which illustrates the form of news circulating before the proclamation of Indonesia’s Independence. There are also posters that served as propaganda media.

The fifth gallery is “Proclamation.” Indonesia declared its independence when Japan retreated after it suffered heavy destruction in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The house of Admiral Maeda was used as the location of the formulation of the proclamation text which culminated in Indonesia becoming a sovereign nation.

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Here, visitors can also see moments leading up to the proclamation depicted in every corner of the building.

To visit the exhibition, visitors only need to pay Rp2,000. The opening hours is from 8am-4pm from Tuesday to Sunday. (Umamah)


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