The UGM Semar Team wins three titles in 2020 ESCC

Semar Urban and Semar Proto, winners in the 2020 Energy Saving Car Contest. (Photo: UGM)

IO, Yogyakarta – Members of the Semar Team at Gajah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta continue to innovate in researching energy-efficient cars amid the “new normal”, with two cars, Semar Urban and Semar Proto; they participated in the 2020 Energy Saving Car Contest (ESCC), a well-known national competition, which was held on November 30. 

ESCC is an online competition organized by the National Achievement Center from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, with the University of Indonesia (UI); as an energy-efficient vehicle competition designed by students, it is open to various universities throughout Indonesia. At 2020 ESCC, 110 teams from 74 universities competed in two categories, urban and prototype. 

The supervisor of the Semar Team, Dr. Jayan Sentanuhady, explained how Semar Urban is an urban category car that tends to be similar to a gasoline-powered four-wheeled city car and an ergonomic driving position. Meanwhile, Semar Proto is a low-power prototype electric motorized car with a super-efficient controller. 

“After passing the selection stage, the two cars from the Semar UGM team were declared qualified to become 2020 ESCC finalists. Both passed for each category, Semar Urban for the urban category and Semar Proto for the prototype category,” said Jayan as quoted from .id, Wednesday (2/12/2020). 

In the closing ceremony, overall it was announced that the UGM Semar Team had won three championships. Semar Urban won third place for body and chassis design criteria, while Semar Proto won 2nd and 3rd place for vehicle design model criteria and body and chassis design criteria. (est)