Creating collagen from fish scales, Siti Nur Seha wins first place in WMM 2020

Siti Nur Seha when receiving an award for her achievements. (Photo: UNAIR)

IO, Surabaya – Siti Nur Seha, a representative alumna of Universitas Airlangga (Unair) Surabaya, one who has succeeded in devoting herself to society. Thanks to her research, which lasted more than 14 months, she succeeded in creating collagen beverage products that were halal and in accordance with Islamic law. 

Seha – her nickname – empowers housewives in her neighborhood to participate in producing her products. This was done as a form of gratitude for the assistance with Bidikmisi tuition fees obtained during college. “My product is called Shaany, which is engaged in processing fish scales waste into halal collagen. I combine it with fruit extracts; the packaging is in the form of sachets,” explained Seha as quoted by on Thursday (3/12/2020). Until now, continued Seha, Indonesia still imports collagen from various countries. The raw materials for foreign collagen are dominated by pork skin, bone and cow skin. For Muslims, pork is haram (forbidden for consumption). 

In the Independent Young Entrepreneur (WMM) event, Seha admitted to registering at the last second. She was declared to have passed and followed step by step. For the sincerity and uniqueness of her products, she won 1st place in the Catering Business Sector in the Business Plan category. 

According to her statement, Shaany was proven to be halal, with a higher collagen concentration than collagen drinks on the market. Besides that, the price is affordable and there are many flavors. Shaany is a form of environmentally-friendly local product. Moreover, Shaany has gone through various tests in laboratories that have been accredited by KAN. “For 14 months I struggled to research in order to find suitable raw materials. At that time many ridiculed me and said it wouldn’t work; negative comments often came.” 

However, Seha is a tough and unyielding person, and she remains focused on her dreams. In fact, after dozens of times searching for materials in various places and finding them, she had another problem: the lack of tools. 

“Luckily, I have parents who are always supportive. My father sold his motorbike to buy the equipment I needed. With his personal savings and salary as a construction worker, he renovated the kitchen into a mini laboratory,” she explained. 

It was in this place that Seha conducted research until it was successful and submitted it to the Probolinggo Regency Fisheries Service to obtain guidance. According to her, the Department of Fisheries responded very well and offered various research tests for free. 

Finally, Seha was able to provide a solution to community unrest about halal collagen. Shaany products are a concrete manifestation of the millennial contribution to the nation and Muslims who deserve to be proud. (est)