The Stoeva sisters enchanted by the Island of The Gods

The Stoeva sisters enchanted by the Island of The Gods
Stefani and Gabriela Stoeva. Photo: PBSI

IO – Bulgarian women’s doubles sisters, Stefani Stoeva and Gabriela Stoeva, were having the time of their lives in Bali, while preparing themselves to face the Indonesia Badminton Festival (IBF) 2021 tournament from November 16 to December 5, 2021.

Gabriela, born on July 15, 1994, admitted that they were so fascinated by the weather in Bali. “We come from a very cold country, so being in Bali is an amazing thing. Although it is cold, it feels like summer. It’s perfect,” said Gabriela, complementing Bali to the human relations team and press media at the Westin Nusa Dua, Bali, Sunday (11/14/2021).

Although the current Indonesia Badminton Festival (IBF) 2021 will be held without a live audience, Gabriela was confdent that the following badminton tournaments would be crowded. “Of course, we miss the crowds. We were happy to see the Indonesian supporters’ enthusiasm,” expressed Gabriela.

Stefani showed her eagerness for the whole tournament. Even when she had to follow a strict bubble system, she still could enjoy the hotel facilities that offer a long and sandy beach.

“Bali is charming. This is defnitely an excellent destination. The weather is perfect; we can relax all day,” expressed Stefani. Stefani and Gabriela will open the Daihatsu Indonesia Master IBF 2021 tournament. In this $600,000-loaded prize tournament, Stefani and Gabriela will fight against Indonesian Melani Mamahit and Tryola Nadia.

Badminton was only a leisure activity for both the Stoeva sisters. They joined the badminton club at school, which led to their winning in the 2013 European Junior Badminton Championships. They kept winning and achieved six titles of BWF World Tour up to now.

“The idea to play women’s doubles came from our parents. They never set us apart. We did everything together, not only in badminton. Growing up, our characters built up differently; now we fight a lot,” laughed Gabriela while talking to the press. “Quite normal for sisters to fight, don’t you think?” replied Stefani.

The Stoeva sisters have always been keen to play in Indonesia for the fantastic lively audience. “Badminton in Bulgaria is not as popular as in Indonesia. We are so pumped to play in Indonesia,” said Gabriela. They hope the pandemic will subside soon, so the excitement of Indonesians and the world’s audience will again fill the spectators’ seats. (Roosyudhi)