D’MASIV and Fariz RM are jamming! New song released

D’MASIV and Fariz RM are jamming! New song released
D’Masiv and Fariz RM. Photo: INSTAGRAM D’MASIV

IO – D’Masiv has just released their new song titled Kau yang Tak Pernah Tahu—You Never Know—, which is included in their latest album under the same title.

Kau yang Tak Pernah Tahu shares the same vibe as the other D’Masiv’s songs: catchy. The easy-listening tune sounds familiar, as the band collaborated with Indonesia’s 80s most iconic legend, Fariz RM.

The band admitted to being very proud of working together with Fariz RM; a duet with Fariz RM was a dream come true for Ryan and the band. “I have been listening to his songs since I was a baby,” said Ryan Ekky Pradipta recently in South Jakarta.

“This is definitely one of the D’Masiv fantasies fulfilled,” added the guitarist, Nurul Damar Ramadan.

Ryan admitted to having been a lifelong fan of Fariz RM and his hit songs across the decades. Fariz’ songs have made Ryan’s years and become Ryan’s familiar songs for him.

D’Masiv and Fariz RM planned the collaboration for six years, but the songwriting only began this year. The album is estimated to be completed within a month. “I see Ryan quite often; this was a synergy that was planned six years ago. It has been too long,” laughed Fariz, who showed
up with the band.

“Why has (the song) been released now? The songs have just been written this year and the first person to do this with, is Fariz,” Ryan concluded. (rp)