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The overflowing visits to 2024 Makna Fest, approaching Ramadan


Jakarta, IO – The first Makna Fest was officially launched in 2024, welcoming the holy month of Ramadan. The launch took place on March 9, 2024, running from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Menara 165 Tower, South Jakarta. The event was attended by thousands of Muslim families from various cities across Indonesia to deepen and strengthen their faith as Muslims, toward the 1445 Hijri Ramadan.

The first 2024 Makna Fest theme was ‘Filling the Soul, Spreading Hope’ to lighten up inner serenity, through Islamic ways of life. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the 8,000 participants added vibrancy to the 2024 Makna Fest, making it a special occasion for a warmer sense of family. “Makna Fest aims to be a platform to prepare a Muslim’s spiritual journey, enhance our understanding of the 5 Meanings (Pillars) in Islamic teachings, and optimally benefit from the holy month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, we are able to accommodate the event at such short notice,” said Muhammad Assad, Co-Founder and Chairman of Makna & Co., the organizers of Meaning Fest.

The event was supported by various communities, companies and MSME businesses that synergized to promote halal business through the festival. Ridho and Nadine Gaus, the founders and CEOs of Wearing Klamby, showcased their brand new designs for the 2024 Eid al-Fitr, completing their family fashion collection for their loyal customers.

Muslim entrepreneurs, like all businesses, face a number of specific religious and Islamic-related issues. ‘We have to accept that a lack of adequate Sharia business education and training can be an obstacle. Muslim entrepreneurs need to understand Sharia business principles to run their businesses in compliance with Islamic teachings,” said Mahendra Koesumawijaya, the head of the OCBC Sharia Unit, who also sponsored the Makna Fest event, which started with a roadshow in various cities.

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Numerous celebrities also participated in the “Filling the Soul and Spreading Hope” Makna Fest, including Dude Herlino and Baim Wong, who supported all the Makna Fest committees in making this event a success. Ririn Ekawati and Mulan Jameela were also seen smiling and enjoying the Makna Fest Study in the relaxed setting of the spacious Granada Ballroom, Menara 165, South Jakarta.

Makna & Co. presented five Islamic-based life pillar concepts: the Meaning of Body, the Meaning of Work, the Meaning of Feeling, the Meaning of Love, and the Meaning of Soul, all well-received by Millennial and Gen-Z generations. The study was specially designed to attract South Jakarta’s young generation and make it simple for Muslim youths to learn Islam in a pleasant manner.

The study is divided into several two-hour sessions, presenting famous Islamic preachers and well-known artists. The first session, “The Meaning of Body,” featured Ustadz Ko Dennis Lim, along with Clara Shinta and Syakir Daulay discussing the topic “The physique may be tired, but the heart must not give up.” Then, session two, “The Meaning of Work,” presented Nur Asia Uno, Irish Bella, Sheyla Taradia, founder of Beeme, Erlyanie, founder of B’erl Cosmetic, Ira Nandha, and Putri Dwiandari to highlight Women’s Inspiration Session: “Stories, Dreams, and Love.” The third session, “The Meaning of Feeling,” was led by Ustadz Hilman Fauzi, Natasha Rizky, and Muhammad Assad and discussed “Stop Overthinking about the Future.” Session four, “The Meaning of Love,” presented Ustadz Oemar Mita, Dhini Aminarti, and Dimas Seto and discussed “Family, the Home to Our Stories.” Meanwhile, the fifth and last session, “The Meaning of Soul,” featuring Ustadz Handy Bonnie, Nabilah JKT48, and Dara Arafah, brought up “Living a Confusing Life? No Way!” The last session was so amusing that attendees stayed up until 10 p.m.

The presence of H. Sandiaga Salahudin Uno as the Minister of Creative Economy further contributed to the liveliness of the event toward its closing. “I am extremely proud to have been invited by Muhammad Assad, the Chairman of South Jakarta HIPMI, who has successfully held the event toward the holy month of Ramadan. May Allah guide us on the straight path and keep our brotherhood strong,” said the Minister.

Muslims believe that the soul is a blessing from Allah the Almighty, worth preserving and enriching. Allah created humans as unique souls for human beings to care for their souls and achieve sincerity in worshipping God. As a community and event organizer, Makna & Co. intends to hold events enriching the soul through Islamic studies and preaching. The event will also be held in other cities across Indonesia.

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Makna & Co. also extends its gratitude to all parties involved in the 2024 Makna Fest study, including Bank OCBC Syariah, Makna Tour, Tiki, Beeme, Berl, Wearing Klamby, Baitullah, Dea Textile, Sofyan Group, Dana Syariah, RS Mandaya Puri, Haus, Mixtra, Wardah, TW Wedding, Es teh, Sagaleh, Abuba, Adika, and all the synergizing SME brands. “We really appreciate the support of our partners for making the 2024 Makna Fest an inspiration for the Muslim community leading up to Ramadan 1445 H,” said Indah Warsetio, co-founder and CEO of Makna & Co.

Makna & Co. will continue to enforce the study through positive social and sharing events. Islam encourages its believers to help others, strengthen human relationships, and serve as a source of inspiration. Sharing kindness and promoting hope can help anyone become an agent of change in society. Let us continue to work with Makna and Co. to create harmony in the world and for the hereafter. (des)


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