Super Garuda Shield 2022: US MEU SOC-TNI AL collaboration to enhance personnel capabilities

(IO/Muhamad Hidayat)

Special Report: Septiawan/Muhammad Hidayat

Batam, IO – Super Garuda Shield (SGS) 2022 joint exercise is expected to enhance strategic ties and defense cooperation between the United States and Indonesia, US MEU SOC commander Capt Josh Cuyler told on Monday (1/8).

He further explained that his battalion and the Indonesian Navy’s Taifib can exchange knowledge, experience and operating procedures. “From here on, we can improve the capabilities of each personnel and optimize our performance so that later we can carry out amphibious landing drills smoothly at Dabo Singkep,” he said.

Josh revealed that US MEU SOC is so excited to participate in SGS 2022 and hoped this joint exercise opportunity can continue well into the future.

(IO/Muhamad Hidayat)

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“This is the first experience for us to train with the Indonesian military in the Super Garuda Shield 2022, so we are not very familiar with the previous training experience. However, we are very enthusiastic to train together,” he added.

According to the official statement from the United States Embassy, in addition to military personnel from Indonesia and the United States, SGS 2022 is also participated in by troops from Australia, Japan, and Singapore. The exercise will take place from August 1-14 in three locations, namely Baturaja, Amborawang, and Batam Island. (yas)