Shakira Jasmine’s dream

Shakira Jasmine, displayed on Times Square’s Spotify EQUAL billboard, New York, United States. (Source: Special)

Jakarta, IO – Spotify has chosen Shakira Jasmine as the Indonesian representative in the “EQUAL of the Month” program, as revealed on January 17, 2023. Shakira’s face is on the billboard of Times Square, New York and other Megatron spots in Jakarta, including HI Roundabout, Istora Senayan and Lebak Bulus, initiated by Musica Studio and Spotify, in cooperation with MRT Jakarta. 

The Spotify EQUAL program has recognized and honored the musical work of women artists across the world since 2021. Shakira released “Just a Crush Thing” at the end of November 2022. The song promoted Shakira as the “ambassador” for EQUAL and put the piece on the Indonesian EQUAL playlist, with her face on the cover. 

This sort of achievement is nothing new for Shakira Jasmine, as she had reached the highest stream on Spotify with her previous single, “Meant 2 Be”, a collaboration with Nuca. The song “Meant 2 Be” was streamed over 14 million times in 2023. 

As a female musician, Shakira Jasmine started her musical journey in her teenage years. A talent scout event displayed her brilliant talent in 2016. Shakira, born on October 12, 2002, grew up in Cimahi, West Java. “My parents, who are each a great professional traditional dancer and a talented musician, raised and taught me everything about music,” said Shakira. 

Shakira highlighted that she inherited her interest and creativity in music and art from both of her parents. “I am always grateful for the blessings and talents I have from my parents. The power of prayer I was gifted from my parents is my biggest driving force. I still remember well when my late father used to play songs from Utada Hikaru, Coldplay and Queen in our living room,” she flashed back to her past. 

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The Sundanese girl had gone through one of the toughest moments in her life when she had to join an audition, at the moment her father died. She then joined a major music label while she was still grieving. “Now, I am very grateful for all the activities I have done; they were indeed the best way for me to learn, from playing in movies, hosting television programs, writing songs, producing my own music, being a student, and a lot of other things,” said Shakira. She feels blessed by her family’s support and everyone who has stood by her up to now. “At the age of 21, I believe that the stars will always be alongside the moon in space. They are meant to be together in my guitar strings,” she concluded. (des)