Sandiaga Uno, exposed to COVID- 19

Sandiaga Uno. (Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO)

IO – Deputy Chairman of the Greater Indonesia Movement Party Board of Trustees, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno was declared positive for COVID-19 after undergoing a swab test on Monday, December 7. Previously, the former Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta had announced that his wife, Nur Asia was positive for COVID-19. 

“Please pray for @nurasiauno’s recovery. Let’s protect our health, our families, and those closest around us by always being disciplined in implementing health protocols. Wear masks and keep clean,” Sandiaga Uno said on his official Instagram account, Sunday (6/12). 

“I am currently in a healthy condition and having no symptoms, just like Nur Asia. Please pray for my recovery, for Nur Asia, and for all those who are struggling with COVID-19,” Sandiaga continued. 

Sandiaga revealed that currently he and Nur Asia were undergoing independent isolation. He also asked all parties to always wear masks, keep their distance, and wash their hands. 

“My wife and I will carry out independent isolation. I want to remind you to always obey 3M, wear a mask, keep your distance, and always wash your hands with soap. After difficulties, there will be recovery. Hopefully, we will be protected by Allah SWT,” he emphasized. 

Sandi’s youngest son, Sulaiman, who also conducted a swab test, was not exposed to COVID-19. “Sulaiman and other residents who live in our residence, thank God, they are tested negative,” Sandiaga concluded. 

COVID-19 has proven to be able to attack anyone. Sandiaga, who diligently exercised and looked fit, was also attacked by the corona even though he has no symptoms. So, anyone must be vigilant and always follow the health protocol to avoid COVID-19.

 Get well soon, Bung Sandiaga Uno. (rp)