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Prabowo receives Wiranto’s Support, a sign of unity ahead of crucial elections


Jakarta, IO — Bawono Kumoro, political observer with Indikator Politik Indonesia, highlighted the visit by Presidential Advisory Board (Wantimpres) chairman and former secretary general of Hanura Party Wiranto to the residence of Gerindra Party chairman and Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in Hambalang, Monday afternoon (1/5).

Bawono saw the meeting as a sign that the relationship between the two has improved, given the complicated pasts of the two figures. This unity and harmony are considered important ahead of the 2024 elections.

Prabowo and Wiranto
(Source: Doc. Prabowo’s Media Team)

“The current cordial relationship between Prabowo and Wiranto is of course a good thing because it reflects unity and harmony at the elite level ahead of the election,” said Bawono.

Wiranto at the meeting also expressed his support for Prabowo’s candidacy. According to Bawono, this is a moral boost for Prabowo.

“Apart from that, support from Wiranto is also a reflection of the moral support from Prabowo’s seniors during his time in the military,” said Bawono.

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According to Bawono, Prabowo has always shown his respect to his seniors in the military.

“So far Prabowo has also been known as a figure who is very respectful of his seniors as shown recently during the Eid when he paid them visits,” said Bawono.


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