PK2MABA 2018: New students fortified with national spirit

Universitas Brawijaya holds annual ‘Introduction to Campus Life for New Students’ (PK2MABA) event. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO, Malang – Brawijaya University (UB) is holding its student orien­tation or “Introduction to Campus Life for New Students” (PK2MA­BA) event once again. The event will be participated in by approx­imately 11,000 students at UB’s Central Office Field on Tuesday (14/8/2018) and is part of UB’s Alma Mater Exploring Program (RAJA).

Before the freshmen, UB Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, AR, MS, stated that throughout their stay at the university, the students would be guided in cognitive (mind), affec­tive (attitude), psychomotor (skill) aspects by lecturers in their respec­tive fields as educators, teachers, and mentors.

“Alongside all UB leaders, I am proud and happy to welcome you to our community, through a frame­work of strong character-building for the children of the nation while achieving a bright future in line with each of your dreams,” said the UB Rector.

The Rector also expressed the hope that the new students would become UB alumni with scholarly abilities and expertise alongside character and integrity, ones who would be praised not only as job seekers but also as job creators. Vice-Rector III Prog Arief Prajit­no said that PK2MABA this year is different, as the new students will be imbued with antiradicalism guidance and knowledge relative to our nation. “This material has to be presented during the PK2MABA, to share knowledge that will ingrain Indonesian moral values into our students,” he explained.

Following the ceremony, the new students attended an Introduction to Campus Life (PK2) event, held in three buildings, Sakri, Gor Pertam­ina, and UB Sport Center, where they were issued materials by Prof. Dr. Ir. M. Nuh, DEA (former Min­ister of Education and Culture), Infantry Colonel Ardiansyah Trio­no (Assisting Officer, Expert Staff, Head of Staff of the Indonesian Army Headquarters), Marine Lieu­tenant Colonel Dr. Adi Bandono, MSi (STTAL) and Dr. Gamal Albin­said (Indonesia Medika CEO). The event intends to orient students better with UB before their classes begin. (UB)