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ONIC ESPORTS gears up for the 2022 Tournament


(Source: ONIC)

ONIC G from the Valorant division has also scored several achievements. Ewok the Coach of ONIC G said that the Indonesian team players are now developed and advanced players who still need experience and more playing hours. The ONIC G team is preparing for the 4th season later to win the championship title.

ONIC Esports also officially announced Kairi Ygnacio Rayosdelsol as part of the team. Head coach of ONIC Esports MLBB (MPL) – Mars stated that Kairi is a very prominent figure in MPL PH S9. “This (Kairi joining) is a way to strengthen the ONIC Esports team, who will soon be competing in MPL ID Season 10. Kairi will play the role of Jungler to help win in next season’s match; management has also invited a coach from the Philippines, Denver Yeb Miranda. Coach Yeb had successfully trained and scored the ONIC PH team as the runner-up in the M3 World Championship,” he explained. 

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The team will recruit players based on their main criteria and not merely their nationality. Should there be any superior non-Indonesian players, they would be offered the opportunity to join the team. Indonesian players are provided with MDL players and several ongoing open recruitments (trials). 

ONIC Esports expects to reclaim its glory by adding new players and coaches in all divisions. Its management will continue to improvise in the training division by collaborating with Listi Sigit, a Performance Psychologist who will assist all ONIC Esports divisions.


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