Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 20:38 WIB

ONIC ESPORTS gears up for the 2022 Tournament


Jakarta, IO – Prior to the upcoming tournament, ONIC Esports announced the latest information from the PUBG, Free Fire, Valorant, to Mobile Legends divisions. Listed on the roster, The Landak Kuning Team has composed their strategic steps to face their strongest opponent from last season’s tournament. Having prepared, ONIC Esports is now more confident to reclaim the championship title. 

The PUBG team is now toughened by Zuency and Jazzie of the ONIC Prodigy, two additional players set by ONIC Esports. Ryan, the Team Manager said that they hoped the additional members will help to build and unite the chemistry and maintain players’ confidence to always be ready by the time the matches take place. “We agreed to take some players from the PLATNAS team; we saw great potential and motivated players. Not only that, we also wanted to introduce Boneng, as the Head Coach of PUBGM ONIC Esports,” he explained. 

For the ONIC Axe Team, the victory they have gained is a stimulus to keep practicing harder, especially in facing the next two tournaments (H3RO and GSPL). ONIC Axe will continue to field the winning team, add coaches, and improve the team’s performance by experimenting with new styles and ways, as there will be more leagues in the following season. 

The management of ONIC Esports has also spotted the huge potential of the Pro PUBGM Ladies, following the PMVB S1 event. 

ONIC Olympus intends to improve its performance in the upcoming Spring 2022 season by setting a target to represent Indonesia in international tournaments. Zaaack has been transferred to ONIC Esports Free Fire division, giving him more opportunity to play for the First Division. Zaaack is expected to contribute another achievement for the ONIC team in Free Fire matches. As a young player, Zaaack is an experienced and aggressive rusher who can also potentially change ONIC Olympus’ playing style in the coming season. 


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