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Nidji launches a new single: “Buang Buang Waktu”


Jakarta, IO – Nidji’s journey in the music industry has given birth to many hit songs. This year, Nidji has once again presented its single titled “Buang Buang Waktu” (Wasting Time), a song that was specially composed by Guruh Soekarno Putra (GSP), a legendary Indonesian figure in the world of stage art and music, with significant influence. Musica Studios, the label that oversees Nidji, initiated the idea of presenting this song and believes that the song is a perfect match for Nidji’s character. 

Wrapped in an uplifting European-British musical arrangement, “Buang-Buang Waktu” urges everyone to focus on the positive side of life, and be grateful for everything that has happened. “This results from contemplation about the lives of many people during frustration, confusion, and disappointment in life. When life doesn’t go the way we want it to, we need to remain grateful for life itself and look at it from a different perspective. Everything that happens is part of God’s plan and a larger universe for us and those around us. Life can be complicated at times, but try to enjoy it,” expressed Ubay, the vocalist. 

During the new song’s production, Nidji admitted that creating a song that would be widely accepted was a challenge, particularly in delivering GSP’s retro song. Heston co-produced the song with Nidji. “We had a number of discussions to determine the musical direction. All the work was done in the studio, and we coordinated with Mas GSP’s team through AnR Musica,” explained Ubay. 

The playful and fresh video clip of “Buang Buang Waktu” did not take much time and was executed by the EUIS and AnR Musica Studios teams. “Personally, I like the prepared setup, lighting, and props. The wardrobe from Henza and the makeup team knew exactly what we wanted. We also asked the Nidji crew to help sXet up the instruments on location,” said Ubay. 

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This Nidji’s song inspires its personnel to do and appreciate everything sincerely to yield a positive result. “This song might relate to Nidji’s friends who are studying, doing their papers, or working on their deadlines. Always remember that there are probably many people out there who aren’t as happy and fortunate as you are. So, whatever you’re going through, stay grateful, appreciate even the smallest achievements, and enjoy the world. There is no life without any tests and trials,” expressed all members of Nidji. 

Nidji expects “Buang Buang Waktu” to be the song that lingers in the ears of their loyal fans and listeners. “We hope this song can make your days better,” concluded Ariel, the guitarist and producer of the song. (des/ast)


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