Sunday, May 28, 2023 | 12:38 WIB

Okino C100, the tiny yet tough vape
with O-tape coil


Jakarta, IO – The use of electric cigarettes, or “vape”, in Indonesia continues to increase. The Indonesian Personal Vaporizer Association (Asosiasi Personal Vaporizer Indonesia – “APVI”) estimates the current number of vape users at 2.2 million, increasing from the previous year’s number at 1.5 million. 

This market growth is caused by continued increase of the dangers of smoking among smokers, combined with their continued addiction to nicotine. Nicotine addicts now seek safer ways to indulge in their nicotine consumption. The APVI estimates the potential value of the vape market in Indonesia at IDR 7.9 trillion, because it is a huge niche market with about 80 million smokers across the country. Indonesia is simply a juicy market for global electric cigarette manufacturers, including Okino. 

Okino is a vape brand produced by China’s Innokin, which has the experience of producing vapes since 2011. Innokin products are used by about 10 million people in 80 countries. 


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