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Lavani-Borobudur Series: Amero Jewelry novelties


Amero Jewelry
Launching of the “Lavani-Borobudur Series” by Amero. (Source: Amero Jewelry)

“By launching the “LavaniBorobudur Series” by Amero Jewelry in this event called “Simfoni Lavani”, Amero seeks to invite the young to see how these modern classic jewelry works are highly adaptive. We care very much about the present day need for looks and taste. Our gold jewelry collections can be used not just for ceremonies like weddings, but also when one is carrying out daily formalities like going to the office,” enthused Andrew Surya Wijaya, Amero jewelry’s CFO/Marketing Director. 

Amero believes that the needs of today’s jewelry lovers differ according to their individual backgrounds. Girls and women have different stylistic needs, yet they are all united by the need to stay fashionable. This iteration of the “Lavani” series is uniquely universal while remaining Indonesian, as each of their elements is adjusted to match the times without losing its national heritage. It is expected to add to Indonesia’s modern artistic wealth, while remaining timeless. 

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Amero integrates the need to appear modern while preserving an ancient national heritage, by organizing the “Simfoni Lavani” in Lumbini Park, right at the feet of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This integration was clearly demonstrated throughout the event. For example, the background music is based on the characteristically Javanese pentatonic arrangements of pelog and slendro. Yet they are played using the Western musical convention and instruments of an orchestra. The pieces are also worn by dancers, who danced modern choreographies based on the culture of Central Java, specifically in the Borobudur region. (des)


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