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Lavani-Borobudur Series: Amero Jewelry novelties


Magelang, IO – Gold jewelry specialist Amero Jewelry hosted a series of events, called “Simfoni Lavani” (“Lavani Symphony”), on 12-14 August 2022 in Magelang, Central Java, to launch their “Lavani-Borobudur Series” collection. This local jeweler seeks to express their appreciation, love, and pride of the rich culture of the Nusantara that they take their inspiration from. 

“People adorn themselves not just to make themselves beautiful. There is always a significant philosophy behind people’s accessories. This is especially true for a woman – when she accessorizes herself and makes herself look beautiful, lovely and elegant, she also seeks to tell people indirectly that she is wise, gentle, well-educated, and knows etiquette. Accessories come to life when worn, and become part of the wearer’s life. This is the philosophy that inspires our latest ‘Lavani’ collection,” declared Amero Jewelry’s CEO, Peter Agus Wijaya, during the launch. 

Amero Jewelry
(Source: Amero Jewelry)

The “Lavani” series is always created with the idea that the Nusantara jewelry is a cultural tradition that needs to be respected and preserved. The Sanskrit word “Lavani” means “grace” – which encapsulates gracefulness, grace of God, and graciousness in faith and action. As for the “Borobudur”, it refers to the Great Temple, which was built out of lava – and which coincidentally, forms part of the word “Lavani” as well. 

The 18 pieces in the new “Lavani” collection adopts the stone steps and reliefs of Borobudur Temple in its design, to tell a beautifully deep story that contains moral and wise philosophies. These rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendant from Amero carry the spirit of our national heritage in a modern setting. Customers are reminded that each of Amero’s pieces are extremely adaptable and flexible: they lend a unique grace to both classic and modern outfits, and are wearable in various settings, whether social or professional. 


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