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Taking in the beauty of Batu Angus in Ternate


Jakarta, IO – As its name suggests, at Batu Angus (“charred rocks”) tourists can enjoy the view of rugged rocks that look like black stalactites stretching from the foothills of Mount Gamalama all the way to the beach.

Designated as a geo-tourism site, Batu Angus, situated in the district of North Ternate, North Maluku, was formed over the centuries by frozen lava that plunged into the sea after Mount Gamalama erupted in 1673.

Batu Angus
(Source: Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry)

Batu Angus has a high density, coarse texture, and irregular shape. In fact, many say that the rocks it is similar in characteristic to the type of rocks that were used to build temples on the island of Java.

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Known for its uniqueness and charm, no wonder Batu Angus becomes a leading tourist destination in Ternate. It is popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Other than the vast expanse of rocks, tourists can also enjoy the surrounding pristine environment and cool breeze. (rr)


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