Koryu Space: A space for cultural exchange at The Japan Foundation Jakarta

(photo: IO/Raihan)

IO, Jakarta – In June 2019, the Japan Foundation (JF) Jakarta office has begun the process of moving from the Summitmas I building to the Summitmas II building, Senayan, Central Jakarta. As of August 3, 2019, the new location has been inaugurated.

With the relocation of this office, JF Jakarta wants to introduce a new concept called “Koryu Space”, more interactive with Indonesian people.

Koryu is taken from a Japanese word meaning ‘exchange’. It is hoped that Koryu Space will become a space for cultural and knowledge exchange that gives birth to many new ideas and creativity.

JF has 3 main areas of activity, namely, Japanese language education, arts & cultural exchanges, and Japanese studies & intellectual exchange.

For Japanese language education, JF supports this throughout the world, including Indonesia, with several programs such as sending Japanese Language experts which are carried out at senior secondary level, courses, and others.

JF also has a NIHONGO Partners program, which is part of a major project of The Japan Foundation Asia Center, which was formed to strengthen cultural exchanges between Japan and ASEAN countries. In this program, Japanese citizens as native speakers will be sent to various educational institutions in ASEAN countries to become partners of Japanese language teachers and students for less than one year.

For the Arts & Culture exchange activities, there are several interesting programs such as performing arts, Japanese Film Festival, Cinema Caravan, Japan Cultural Weeks, and Neo Pion.

For Japanese studies & intellectual exchange, intended for Japanese study learners and researchers. One of them is “JAPANSCOPE”, an interactive discussion series on the latest Japanese issues that is used as a forum for researchers to share the results of their research. The activity also offers scholarships for those interested in studying in Japan.

Finally, JF also offers a Grant Program for Japanese Studies Projects, a grant program for institutions throughout the world to promote Japanese studies and find solutions to global issues. (rei)