KontraS regrets the creation of PPHAM team

Koordinator KontraS Fatia Maulidiyanti
KontraS' Coordinator, Fatia Maulidiyanti. (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

Jakarta, IO – Rights group the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) regrets the creation of the Non-Judicial Gross Human Rights Violation Settlement (PPHAM) team which has just been announced by the government through a presidential decree (Keppres).

Kontras coordinator Fatia Maulidiyanti said from the very beginning the team has created controversy. She also alleged that there are human rights violators among the team members.

“It’s created hastily, without transparency and even attempted to include certain members without confirmation,” said Fatia, as reported by Tempo, Thursday (22/9).

Fatia also alleged that the government is hiding the presidential decree document signed by the president on August 26, despite having asked for it from a number of state institutions.