Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 04:40 WIB

Jokowi gives 6 directives to KPU on 2024 election


President Jokowi received the visit by KPU chairman and commissioners at the State Palace, Jakarta (Source: Cabinet Secretariat)

Second, Jokowi directed several ministers including Home Minister, Law and Human Rights Minister, Finance Minister, Foreign Minister, Health Minister, Indonesian Armed Forces Commander, National Police Chief, and the Attorney General to fully support KPU in the holding of the elections.

Third, Jokowi advised KPU officers at the capital, provinces, regencies and municipalities and all election organizers to maintain and improve the quality of elections in terms of voter turnout, quality of voter education, and the quality of electoral management within the KPU itself.

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Fourth, Jokowi reminded KPU officials to always be careful in discharging their duties because election administration is political. Jokowi reminded that technical aspects should not become wild political issues, for example voter registration, working procedures, voting processes to recapitulation and announcement of election results.


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