The era of VUCA, survival of the most adaptive

(Source: Pixabay)

Jakarta, IO – Society is now facing the era of double disruption, where everyone must have adequate adaptive and exploratory abilities to address the challenges brought about by the increasingly rapid digitalization and digital transformation in various aspects of life.

Digital transformation has brought new consequences where service providers will rely on the use of technology (machines) and begin to consider optimizing and adjusting resources to make business more effective and efficient. The combination of human resources with other resources at the right location, time, and job can ultimately help achieve the desired productivity with a predetermined target. This is known as rightsizing.

One example is PT Hero Supermarket Tbk, which closed all of its outlets in Indonesia. The closure of the outlets was due to the shifting of focus to other brands, such as Guardian and IKEA. Within two years, Hero Group set the target to quadruple the number of IKEA outlets from 2020. In addition, it will open 100 new Guardian outlets by the end of 2022. As part of its new business focus, PT Hero Supermarket Tbk will convert five Giant outlets into IKEA with the hope of increasing customer accessibility. It aims to adapt to market dynamics and customer trends that continue to change as the popularity of hypermarket format declines in recent years.