Friday, December 1, 2023 | 23:03 WIB

Indonesian music stakeholders’ positive acts on G20 Presidency issues


Jakarta, IO – A number of Indonesian musicians across genres and generations discussed a range of prioritized issues in the music world as a focus of the G20 Presidency discussion at the “StarsTalk” event. StarsTalk was a Music20 (M20) event series’ first pre-event of the G20 Presidency. Indonesia is hosting the current G20 Presidency, focusing on coordinating economic and development policies. 

The Chairman of the Music20 Executive Committee, Tantowi Yahya, outlined how the M20 series of events consisted of three activities. The StarsTalk pre-event seminar started off the series of events that took place on September 30, 2022. StarsTalk discussed the G20 prioritized issues within the music world, ranging from intellectual rights, a fair and inclusive music industry, sustainable musical digital transformation, eco-friendly concerts and the welfare of music creative workers. Prominent Indonesian musicians were involved, including Anggun C. Sasmi, Iwan Fals, Tulus, Yura Yunita, Irfan Aulia, Addie MS and Jovial Da Lopez. 

The second pre-event, a conference of G20 countries’ representatives and nine other invited countries, will take place on October 14, 2022. At the conference, stakeholders of the music world will discuss the power of music to promote peace, fight climate change, and enforce a fair energy transition. 


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