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Indonesia expected to become bridge builder in global politics as MIKTA chair


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia officially took over the chairmanship of MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Australia) from Turkey.

In the handover ceremony in New Delhi, India on Thursday (2/3), Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi conveyed the priority agenda of its chairmanship in the next one year.

First, Indonesia will strengthen MIKTA’s multilateralism to promote security, stability and shared prosperity.

“Indonesia believes that multilateralism is the best way to ensure that all countries have equal footing and prevent those in power from acting arbitrarily,” said Retno, according to, Friday (3/3).

Secondly, Indonesia will focus on inclusive recovery in the midst of complex global challenges faced by MIKTA members.

“The Sustainable Development Goals remain MIKTA’s core agenda to be strengthened through inclusive dialogue with external partners,” said Retno.

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Third priority is digital transformation which is expected to create many economic opportunities for MIKTA members.
Indonesia’s chairmanship of MIKTA and ASEAN present a valuable opportunity for it to become a bridge and a positive force in the global political scene. (un)


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