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NTT governor asked to revoke controversial early morning school start time policy


Jakarta, IO – A number of parties have questioned the urgency of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Governor Viktor Laiskodat’s policy making students to start school at 5am WITA to forge their work ethic.

Cahaya Guru Foundation chairman Muhammad Mukhlisin even asked Laiskodat to walk back the decision because it was deemed discriminatory as well as unhealthy and unsafe, reported KompasTV, Friday (3/3).

“Because many students and teachers are unprepared, the transportation is difficult, parents disapprove, and it is unsafe,” he added.

Mukhlisin said not all students and parents are ready to implement the policy, so it should be reviewed and cancelled.

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“The condition of teachers and children in NTT varies. Some do not have private vehicles, while infrastructure such as roads and public transportation are not fully accomodative,” he said. (un)


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